WastePlan helps communities to create worm farms from Hotel food waste.

All electronic appliances - from cell phones to fridges and tumble driers - are recyclable

We sort recyclables in our facilities, where waste becomes resource

Food waste - a forgotten waste stream. Let's talk

Green or alternative energy sources are viable for greening our lifestyles

Did you know that over 80% of the waste your office generates can be recycled?

Recyclable material doesn't have to be just rubbish

WastePlan gives back to communities by organizing community cleanup days.

WastePlan helps hospitals dispose of their domestic waste

WastePlan provides on-site waste management services to over 70 hotels

Just want to pop this off to say thank you for a great initiative! We live in Garscom, Pretoria and you have made it possible (and easy) for us to recycle.We truly appreciate your hard work and hope that your operation will continue to expand and flourish.Warm regards, The Siefert household

About WastePlan, and the values we live by

Changing the way we think about waste

WastePlan is a national on-site waste management company specialising in recycling and reducing waste to landfill.
We are the second largest company of our kind in South Africa with a footprint in KZN, Gauteng, the Eastern and Western Cape and the Free State, servicing over 400 clients nationally. We are a level 4 BEE contributor with 100% procurement recognition.


Company values

WastePlan was founded with the heart to do our people and our planet great good.

As such we subscribe to sustainable business practice where the health and well-being of our people (WastePlanners and our broader community), as well as the natural environment and financial considerations, are all integral to the strategic and the ‘every day’ decisions we make in WastePlan.


We want to do what we say, and be accountable for our word.


Each individual has value, and we want to make sure they know it.


We don't do business at the expense of family, and we do our best to honour our families.


No one person has more value than someone else.  


We show no favouritism, and we attempt to remain fair in our judgement.


Commercial clients

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