Waste management for shopping malls is only one of the things we do best

Did you know that over 80% of the waste your office generates can be recycled?

WastePlan recycles over 80% of the waste generated in distribution centres

"Out of sight, out of mind" should not apply to our waste

WastePlan provides on-site waste management services to over 70 hotels

All electronic appliances - from cell phones to fridges and tumble driers - are recyclable

WastePlan helps hospitals dispose of their domestic waste

Our waste management services are used in several food factories

Food waste - a forgotten waste stream. Let's talk

Did you know that Cape Town sends over 7 000 tons of waste to landfill every day?


Just want to say that Wasteplan works !! Thank you for bringing Wasteplan to Gauteng, which for us was long overdue – everyone I have spoken to is very happy and delighted with your system and even those I haven’t brought the subject of re-cycling up with have said ….. Do you have Wasteplan in your area? Contact them because they are excellent !! So have a good day further and keep up the good work !! Beverly Smith

Commercial waste management & recycling

We are currently the second largest on-site waste management company in South Africa and we specialize in managing waste on-site in such a manner that it will save you money and reduce the waste you send to landfill. You can read up on our services or download the company profile in PDF.  Be sure to watch our new introduction video for a clear picture of what we do!

If we cannot save you money, we don't get involved.

Our services include the following:

1. On-site sorting and cleaning

Sorting waste and maximizing recycling is our speciality. Let us manage this for you and save you some money. We will place our staff on site to keep your waste area clean and comply with the latest environmental legislation, while reducing the waste to landfill.


2. Waste reduction

We also understand the business environment as communicated by our motto. This means that we will do a waste audit free of charge, apply our formulae to your current waste stream and if we can reduce the waste you send to landfill, we will propose a service to manage your waste effectively. For each kilogram of waste that we remove from the waste stream, you will see a double benefit (reduction in landfill cost as well as income from the recycling).

In other words, where other companies will profit from the removal of waste, we will profit from the reduction of waste, and you will save money.


3. General waste and hazardous waste removal

What ever waste we cannot recycle, we will safely dispose at a licensed landfill site and keep the following documents on storage for audit purposes:

  • Safe Disposal Certificates (per load)
  • Operation permit of each landfill site we use
  • Product safe destruction certificate


4. Organic waste

Many organic waste types could be converted into composting. Our standard services include an option for our clients to separate the organic waste from their normal waste stream, and we will take care of the composting.


5. Sustainable reporting

We will measure each of your waste streams daily and feed it into our web-based reporting mechanism. Each client has full access to this information through a secure login.





Commercial clients

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