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I am absolutely delighted with the recycling service on Thursdays! I'm not sure who to thank, but it's made such a difference - firstly, our normal waste is reduced so that it doesn't matter that much if the city council doesn't turn up, and secondly, it's wonderful not to have to look for recycling depots for all the waste.  Nellien Brewer

News & Press releases

Published on 02 December 2015
A new waste-to-energy plant at the City’s Kraaifontein Integrated Waste Management Facility (KIWMF) will see roughly 500 kg of plastic converted to 500 litres of oil per day.
Published on 09 September 2014
Humans produce an astonishing amount of trash and we all know it’s not good for the environment. We can shove it away in landfills, but there are numerous environmental problems associated with these ugly rubbish dumps. Greenhouse gases such as methane seep out of them and toxic chemicals, for example from household cleaning products, can pollute both the soil and groundwater. They’re also smelly, noisy, can damage wildlife and are breeding grounds for disease-transmitting vermin.While...
Published on 04 September 2014
The Polystyrene Packaging Council (PSPC) is driving a dynamic marketing and awareness campaign of its various charity projects to schools across Gauteng.According to PSPC director Adri Spangenberg, twenty new schools have committed themselves to collecting breadtags and other products made from high impact polystyrene (HIPS) for Wheelchairs Project and the Tutu Desk Projects.“Recycling has become part of the school curricula and the teachers welcome any opportunity that allows kids to...
Published on 04 September 2014
Waste management licences (WMLs) are now required from the Minister of Mineral Resources for residue stockpiles and deposits relating to prospecting, mining, exploration or production activities as from 2 September 2014.This is according to Sandra Gore, Director in the Environmental Department at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr.She explains that residue stockpiles and deposits regulated under the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, were previously exempt from the National Environmental...
Published on 27 August 2014
A FIVE-year initiative to create a sustainable industry to recycle millions of scrapped tyres every year, is making progress and attracting international interest.Estimates of the number of abandoned tyres lying across South Africa range from 60-million to 100-million. Another 11-million or so are added to the stockpile each year as vehicle owners buy new ones. Many of the scrapped tyres end up in landfills, while others are burnt for heat or left lying in the open.Reacting to what it considers...
Published on 13 August 2014
District Mail - WastePlan, a leader in door-to-door household collection services in Cape Town, and one of the largest waste management companies in South Africa announced today that this year marks the company's 10th year in business.Ten years ago, co-founders Bertie Lourens and Darren McComb pioneered the waste minimisation concept of "Reward for reduction of waste" concept in assisting companies to start monitoring their overall waste generation in the finest of detail. "With our transparent...
Published on 18 July 2014
As renewable energy finally takes off, China, which controls 97% of the global supply of rare earth elements, vital to much renewable technology, has tightened supply.As industry and governments around the world scramble for solutions, the complex process of recycling rare earths has moved into the spotlight. Ben Messenger investigates.Over recent years there has been much discussion across the world of declining fossil fuel supplies, 'peak oil' and the increasingly urgent need for sustainable...
Published on 16 July 2014
Can so called 'green fatigue' be behind falling recycling rates, or do we just need more education and awareness?You may have come across the term 'green fatigue'. The first reference to it I found, in an admittedly brief search, was from a September 2007 edition of The Independent. Since then it has cropped up incessantly.It is used to describe the malaise felt by some towards almost anything environmentally beneficial, but which comes at a cost of time, effort and/or money - such as reducing...
Published on 30 June 2014
The Mariannhill Recycling Centre has undergone a complete revamp, after Bev Fowles, of the KZN Recycling Forum, took the centre under her wing. The centre located on the grounds of the Mariannhill landfill site was in danger of being closed down. According to Fowles there was no proper infrastucture at the centre. "I built stands, signs, set up coverded containers as well as a shaded sorting bay where staff can sort the recycling waste, such as cans, glass, plastick and paper. The place was...
Published on 30 June 2014
Polystyrene becomes Airpop, a material using 98% air.
Published on 13 June 2014
Plastics|SA and its team of eco-warriors once again worked tirelessly behind the scenes at the “World’s Most Beautiful Marathon”.This year marked the 8th occasion that Plastics|SA was involved in cleaning the waste generated by runners and supporters alike at the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon.According to John Kieser, Sustainability Manager at Plastics|SA, the aim of the association’s involvement in this annual race is to ensure that the waste is collected, removed and recycled in line...
Published on 21 June 2013
Ika Pietersen, WastePlan Western Cape's General Manager, was interviewed by Kyknet to get a "behind the screen" perspective of recycling in Cape Town.
Published on 21 June 2013
The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) expects to implement a mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting system in South Africa in 2014 says Jongikhaya Witi, Director of the Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation Unit at the DEA.According to the National Climate Change Response White Paper companies and entities that emit more than 100,000 tonnes of GHGs annually or that consume electricity that results in more than 100,000 tonnes of emissions from the electricity sector will be...
Published on 05 June 2013
The story of how collecting plastic cooldrink bottles for recycling is changing the lives of thousands.
Published on 09 April 2013
South Africa has the distinction of being one of only twelve countries in the world where it is safe to drink our tap water. As at 2012, the quality of South African tap water is ranked as third best overall.In solidarity with the focus on World Water this past month, the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) applauds our municipalities for their continued monitoring of, and attention to, the quality of our drinking water.South African municipalities have wholeheartedly...
Published on 02 April 2013
Study:  Clear Environmental Benefits from Using Recycled Paper in National Geographic, Other MagazinesResults show there is a benefit in 14 of 14 environmental impact categories; National Geographic and other leading publishers that denied the benefits of recycled fiber now need to increase demand for recycled papersMarch 20, 2013WASHINGTON, DC -- Using recovered fiber in place of virgin fiber for magazine paper has a benefit in 14 of 14 environmental impact categories studied,...
Published on 12 March 2013
“By doing waste management properly, it will save you money”, says Bertie Lourens, Managing Director of WastePlan, a national waste management company with operations in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria, who are specialists in managing commercial and industrial waste.  WastePlan offers a holistic system where waste is firstly, managed onsite to reduce the amount of waste entering the waste stream and ending up in the landfill and secondly, where useful waste is...
Published on 25 January 2013
Industry stakeholders’ and recycling companies’ promotion of separation-at-source recycling initiatives and investment in the improvement of washing and drying facilities have contributed to the growth in plastic recycling.The amount of plastics being recycled in South Africa grew by 1.6% – from 241 853 t in 2010 to 245 969 t in the 2011 financial year – according to industry association Plastics SA’s latest survey.The industry body attributed the bulk of the growth in recycling volumes to...
Published on 25 January 2013
by Yanna ErasmusThe United Nations Environmental Programme, is calling for urgent and sustainable waste management practices across the world. As the standard of living rises, and development and urbanisation take hold, waste may well become one of our biggest challenges yet.According to UNEP: The threat posed by poor waste management is particularly prominent in low-income countries where waste collection rates are often below 50%.The 2011 Census results for South Africa indicate a similar,...
Published on 16 October 2012
Published on 11 April 2012
The German magazine EU-recycling published a 3 page article about recycling in South Africa, and the difficulties we're facing here.You can read the full article here.
Published on 24 February 2012
The University of Stellenbosch has been doing their part to save the environment for the past two years. An article by Ilse Arendse.
Published on 09 February 2012
Listen to Bertie Lourens' interview on Talk Radio 702 about recycling in South Africa.
Published on 05 July 2011
Two Western Cape winners of the regional SA Productivity Awards, WastePlan (Pty) Ltd and Fair Cape Dairies (Pty) Ltd have done us proud by also winning the national awards in their respective categories of emerging and corporate sectors. They received their awards, together with the national winner in the public sector,  Rahima Moosa Hospital, at a prestigious award ceremony in Midrand on Friday evening, 29 October.
Published on 05 July 2011
Published on 05 July 2011
The Spier Public Arts Festival returns to Cape Town for the fourth time from the 21st to 26th February 2011 to shake up and energise the Mother City.The theme for the 2011 Festival is Treasure, which encapsulates the vibrant and cosmopolitan diversity of Cape Town. The Festival invites everyone to appreciate, take ownership of and celebrate the cultural riches that are often overlooked, neglected or discarded.This year, Infecting the City has collaborated with Waste Plan, a waste-management...
Published on 05 July 2011
We complained and objected when the planned levy on plastic bags was imposed on shoppers. Where has this money been going for the past 6 years?Albie Modise – Spokesperson, Department of Environmental AffairsBertie Lourens – Managing Director, WastePlanShirleigh Strydom – CEO, Buyisa E BagDavid Hughes – Former Buyisa E Bag Board member
Published on 05 July 2011
The Consumer Protection Act aims to promote consumer activism, by making provision for the accreditation of consumer groups tasked with lodging complaints on behalf of consumers, as well as making available support for activities, such as consumer advice, education, publications, research and alternative dispute resolution through mediation or conciliation.As such, the Act gives rise to the establishment of the National Consumer Commission, a body assigned to investigate consumer complaints, as...
Published on 04 July 2011
WastePlan was a finalist for the National Business Awards in the Fast Growth category. The annual African Access National Business Awardss are the premier business awards in South Africa. The awards aim to recognise and honour the top performers of the year in both business and industry, for individuals, companies and government.
Published on 01 July 2011
A spokesperson for the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour speaks about WastePlan's recycling efforts during an interview on Supersport 5. The waste management at the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour is handled by WastePlan, and the tour achieved a 94% recycling rate this year!
Published on 01 November 2010
Published on 12 December 2007
Listen to Bertie Lourens' Cape Talk interview with Aden Thomas

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