Did you know that Cape Town sends over 7 000 tons of waste to landfill every day?

"Out of sight, out of mind" should not apply to our waste

Recyclable material doesn't have to be just rubbish

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Did you know that over 80% of the waste your office generates can be recycled?

WastePlan provides on-site waste management services to over 70 hotels

WastePlan helps communities to create worm farms from Hotel food waste.

WastePlan gives back to communities by organizing community cleanup days.

All electronic appliances - from cell phones to fridges and tumble driers - are recyclable

We sort recyclables in our facilities, where waste becomes resource

Just want to pop this off to say thank you for a great initiative! We live in Garscom, Pretoria and you have made it possible (and easy) for us to recycle.We truly appreciate your hard work and hope that your operation will continue to expand and flourish.Warm regards, The Siefert household

Our business - what makes us different?

We are a national on-site waste management company that specializes in recycling and the reduction of waste to landfill. We manage waste on-site in such a manner that it will save you money, help you comply with environmental legislation and reduce the amount of general waste.

More information about our services can be found on our services page, or view our company promo video to get to know more about us.
If you're wondering what makes us so different, and why we've been successful in this field over the past years, here's why:

We help our clients comply with legislation and regulations

Environmental management and compliance

‚ÄčAs a registered recycling and waste management service provider, we keep our clients updated with changes in legislation and help them comply with both legislation and standards applicable to their business. We have additional services on offer, including the development of integrated waste management plans and assistance in implementing environmental management systems.


Our people, staff training and development

We are the employer of choice in the waste management industry in South Africa because of the way we treat our staff; we pay higher salaries than our competitors and we provide ample opportunity to grow in the company.

WastePlan invests in its staff, training them and encouraging entrepreneurial developmentBy training our staff and our clients' staff, we aim to divert as much waste as possible from landfill by reducing material inputs, re-using items where possible, and finally supplying the 'waste' to a responsible recycler. This effort is bearing fruit, as our staff accomplish the highest recycling percentage in the market.

We support entrepreneurial development, and we encourage our staff and others to set up their own businesses, and either buy material from them or provide them with the tools and funds necessary to run their own team.


Operational Strategy and Business Model

Our pricing model encourages waste diversion from landfill. Due to our pricing model, we only benefit when we recycle large amounts of waste from our clients' sites. This encourages us to recycle as much as possible and use innovative methods of recycling, in comparison to the standard industry pricing model which is based on the number of pickups and transport of waste.

At WastePlan, we have our own fleet of vehicles used for collections at our clients sites. This ensures we can respond quickly to any collection requests.

We run three Material Recover Facilities, or MRFs, where we extract as much recyclable material as possible before we send anything to landfill. These MRFs are important in our business model, because they add value to our service as we (and our clients) benefit from every kg of recycled material.


Operational structure and efficiency

‚ÄčOur internal operational structure involves junior and senior Contract Managers, each with specific tasks and responsibilities. This allows us to attend to each client's needs quickly, as well as manage our staff on-site well.

Our plastics processing plant allows us to process plastic waste streams which are not directly recyclable, in order to recycle and divert part of the waste from landfil, thereby increasing the value of the collected material.


Internal structure, data and web-based reporting

We offer web-based client reportingOur in-house programmer develops and maintains our client portal and our internal management platforms, allowing us to easily adapt our management systems according to the changing business and legislative landscape. This is just one of the many ways we are continually aiming to improve our reporting platform and service.

Every kilogram of waste that is removed from a client's site is accurately weighed and recorded. These weights are published on our web-based client portal, allowing clients to log in and draw customized reports easily.

Commercial clients

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