Our waste management services are used in several food factories

Did you know that Cape Town sends over 7 000 tons of waste to landfill every day?

WastePlan recycles over 80% of the waste generated in distribution centres

All electronic appliances - from cell phones to fridges and tumble driers - are recyclable

Did you know that over 80% of the waste your office generates can be recycled?

"Out of sight, out of mind" should not apply to our waste

WastePlan helps hospitals dispose of their domestic waste

WastePlan provides on-site waste management services to over 70 hotels

Waste management for shopping malls is only one of the things we do best

Food waste - a forgotten waste stream. Let's talk

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WastePlan collects recyclables in various area's in Cape Town.


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Good day Mr. Lourens.  I feel compelled to bring to your attention the service delivery of one of your WastePlan ambassadors.  I had the pleasure of meeting him this morning when he rang my gate bell to collect my bin which I had neglected to put out last night. His name is Joseph and he was on the 16/07/2013 morning shift in Grandiflora Street, Protea Valley, Bellville (Western Cape). His attitude and professional manner was a welcome surprise and I therefore gladly refer to him as one of your ambassadors who brought credit to your institution. Debbie Marx

Waste management and recycling services

WastePlan's core goal is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.
South Africa officially has a waste crisis - we are running out of landfill space at an alarming rate.

The new National Environmental Management Waste Act requires commercial and industrial industries and municipalities to develop new Integrated Waste Management Plans to incorporate recycling, and our services aim to help companies to accomplish this.

Residential recycling collections in Cape Town

Waste Plan currently handles residential collections in several Cape Town suburbs.WastePlan's recycling door-to-door service collects, sorts and recycles pre-sorted household recyclable waste from 834 000 homes in Cape Town. These initiatives are saving large amounts of natural resources, and most of all, prolonging the life of our landfill sites.

There are residential drop-off points run by the City of Cape Town throughout the Metro area where residents can drop off their recyclables free of charge. Click here for information on our residential recycling collection services.


Commercial recycling and on-site waste management services

The risk associated with waste has increased significantly and the cost of an inappropriate managing of waste has seen some radical increases in the last decade. WastePlan manages all general, organic, medical, laboratory, hazardous and recyclable waste and reports on the entire waste stream accessible on our online reporting platform.

It is our business to recycle and conserve resources, while helping our clients comply with Environmental Legislation. Allow us to do what we do best on your site, while you look after the bottom line.

We service the following types of businesses:

  • Hotels
  • Distribution Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Office Blocks
  • Food Factories
  • Shopping Malls
  • Factories
  • Wine Farms

We can show you a large list of references or you can read up on our commercial services.


Waste management and recycling services for events

Waste Plan services the Old Mutual Two Oceans MarathonWastePlan is the Waste Management and recycling partner of the 2 most iconic sporting events in South Africa. During this years editions of the Cape Argus Pick n Pay cycle tour and the Two Oceans Marathon we managed to recycle over 90% of the generated waste.

  • Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour
  • Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon

Commercial clients

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