zero waste to landfill
WastePlan can help you get there

As one of the largest waste management companies in South Africa, we work every day to ensure that your waste is reduced as much as possible towards the goal of getting you to zero waste to landfill. And the reality is, through responsible disposal of waste and recycling any business can get to zero waste to landfill.

There are many benefits both to a business and the environment when you become zero waste to landfill.

Starting now, your business could be a part of this.

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From an environmental perspective, zero waste to landfill means less of a negative impact on our climate and less pollution.
As a business, zero waste to landfill means that ultimately you will be a part of a circular economy where one business’ waste becomes another’s resource.
It also is a CSI banner that builds trust in your community that your business is working towards benefiting the country as a whole.