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WastePlan Staff
What makes us different?

Our main focus is to responsibly remove waste from our country, but not for ourselves, for the betterment of society as a whole as well as others – individuals and communities alike. When you work with us, we make sure you can make a valuable contribution, to your home, your community, and to the economy of this country.

How we do this?

In a word… Hope. Our goal is to give hope to you for a better future. We also give education to those who want to better themselves. Then we create opportunities for those who want to grow in responsibility and grow in income.

Why We Exist

We believe, if what we do does not benefit others, we don’t have the right to exist.
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Our Values

As part of this drive to a better future, we have pursued five values. WastePlan is different, we want it to be different. We want people to notice the difference and we want you to be a part of the difference.

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To us, everyone is important no matter what their position is. Each individual has value, we respect age for the wisdom that comes with it, and youth for the energy that comes with it. We also respect the diversity of each culture, each culture is unique and it brings something unique to our business.


To us, integrity means we do what we say we’ll do and are always accountable for our mistakes. We also work to make sure we’re always doing what’s right.


No one person has more value than someone else. We don’t think less of ourselves, we just think of ourselves less. We truly believe that as long as you’re being humble, you’re able to make a contribution.


We don’t do business at the expense of family, but when you work at or with WastePlan you are in a family – we treat you like family. And we do our best to honour our families.


To us, equal opportunity and equal treatment to all is something we feel strongly about. We show no favouritism, no individual gets special treatment and no individual is above the law.

Our Team

Who owns WastePlan?

WastePlan is largely owned by Nika Capital, a non-profit company focussed on eradicating socio-economic inequality, (including it’s after effects) by channeling funds towards education to those in need. Supplemented by genuine generosity, Nika acts as both a pioneer and a channel through which companies can form part of and attribute to the betterment of our local society.

Functioning similarly as a trust, Nika is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) affording “black shareholding ownership” to companies who contribute towards it’s capital portfolio and scheme. To learn more about Nika Capital, click here.

Who Works at WastePlan?

At WastePlan we look for creative, innovative, and result-driven people, and we promote values such as leadership and putting our customers first.

Joanne Brunette

Joanne Brunette

National Sales Manager

Natasha Ferreira

Natasha Ferreira

Sales Gauteng

Desiree Enslin

Client Relations Manager Gauteng

Milandre de Weerdt

Milandre de Weerdt

Sales Manager Western Cape


Sales Western Cape

Aneke Disney

Sales Western Cape

Melissa Whitcher

Client Relations Manager Western Cape

Sheryl Ramnarain

Client Relations Manager KZN

BEE Certified Level 1

We are a 51% Black Owned Company

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Company Message

We’re creating a revenue flow from something that used to be an expense

Bertie Lourens

We take something that most people consider to have no value and not only remove the stress of it, but find value in it. Our ultimate goal is to help you decrease your waste to landfill and transform that waste into a revenue stream. Take 3 min to watch this video and listen to our CEO, Bertie Lourens explain what we can do for your business and find out why our current clients continue to work with us.