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We aim to give you more information about recycling and why it’s necessary, and will also introduce some of our partners and organisations we’re teaming with.

As one of the leading companies in Waste Management and Recycling in South Africa, we make an effort to keep ourselves up to date with what’s going on in our industry, regarding opportunities to further reduce our waste to landfill and to partner in our community to achieve sustainable waste management practice as well as the challenges we face in our country in terms of the waste we generate.


sa envornmental affairs
Tyre Industry Waste Management Plan

A new integrated industry waste tyre management plan for the recycling and economic development initiative of South Africa (REDISA) has recently been approved – view the Notice of Approval here.

footprint calendar
Footprint Calculator

Worried about your impact on the environment? The way we use the planet’s resources makes up our ecological footprint. Measuring yours takes less than 5 minutes and could set you on a life-changing journey… Use the carbon calculator.

earth hour
Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature which acts as a worldwide call to action to every individual, business and community to take a stand against Climate Change. More information on the Earth hour website.

sa envornmental affairs
National Waste Management Strategy

The National Waste Management Strategy (NWMS) is a legislative requirement of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act No. 59 of 2008), the “Waste Act”. The purpose of the NWMS is to achieve the objects of the Waste Act. Organs of state and affected persons are obliged to give effect to the NWMS. You can download the last revised copy of our National Waste Management Strategy here (November 2011).

Electronic Waste Guide, South Africa

This guide covers all categories of e-waste but emphasizes categories which contain problematic, scarce and valuable or otherwise interesting materials.

Examples: Computers, LCD / CRT screens, cooling appliances, mobile phones, etc., contain precious metals, flame retarded plastics, CFC foams and many other substances. Visit the e-Waste guide website