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Pillars Model of Sustainability

Our Company embraces the 3 Pillar Model of Sustainability. We prioritise them in this order: People (Social), Planet (Environment) and Profit (Economic).

We embrace sustainability as an important focus of our operations by ensuring that our company practices, processes and procedures are ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Sustainability for people

At  WastePlan we believe that people come first before profit, this means we don’t do business at the expense of people and we’re committed to sustainable community development by not giving for the sake of giving. We give to empower our communities.

We value our employees as a critical link to our business by investing in their well being and ensuring that they work in an environment that is safe, inclusive and empowering.

Sustainability for the planet

Our business is waste management and recycling…

We consider the management and recycling of waste critical to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet for future generations.

We view waste as a resource that creates jobs and economic activity.

We promote sustainable practices in all our operations.

We are responsible for the Waste Management and reporting on greening efforts  in different big events.

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Sustainability for profit

We understand that to be sustainable, a business must be profitable, but at WastePlan we are not only focused on the bottom line, we also make profit to enhance people’s lives through sustainable investment.

We strive to conduct our business in a sustainable manner and promote sustained economic opportunities for local communities that we operate in.

Policies and procedures

We have put in place policies that guide our operations and set the framework within which the company operates in a sustainable manner:

  • SHEQ Policy – Commitment to Ethical, Sustainable Business Practice
  • “People,Planet and “Profit
  • Environmental Management Policy
  • EE Policy
  • Procurement Policy

Values Program

We are committed to building a Values-Driven company by communicating our Values to all our employees, from Senior Management to Lower Levels. Our values management is through appraisal of “living the values”.

company values and launch program

Social and ethics

Our Social, Ethics & Transformation Committee supports and monitors the Company in being a responsible corporate citizen that conducts business in an ethical and sustainable manner. It also monitors compliance and Key Risks in the Company.

code of ethics