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Bertie Lourens

Understand your waste!

Properly managing and understanding your waste stream can not only save you money, but ensures that your business is minimising it’s waste to landfill.

Have you ever wondered?

  • Am I earning the highest revenue possible from my recyclable materials?
  • Is my waste disposed of in the most cost-effective manner possible?
  • Have I explored all available options to reduce my volume of waste to landfill?
  • Does my current waste management system provide the best economic, social, and environmental solution to my needs?
  • Am I fully compliant with existing waste legislation?

If these are the kinds of questions you’re asking yourself, you would benefit from a free waste gap analysis of your current waste system.

What is a waste gap analysis?

Each company has a unique waste stream which means that each company has different needs and gaps in their waste management. A (waste) gap analysis is a process we use to review relevant data to determine if there are gaps between your currently adopted waste processes, and your potential, or desired performance levels in terms of your company’s strategic goals.

As part of this analysis, we’ll examine and assess a range of criteria relating to your current waste management practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

How it works:

  1. Fill in our detailed questionnaire form so we can get the relevant data that will allow us to understand and assess your current waste management practices.
  2. After review of the information provided, we’ll contact you to discuss our findings and the recommended next steps.
  3. An in-depth waste audit will be carried out at your site (if required).

Request a waste gap analysis