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on-site waste management
WastePlan can help you get there

Our on-site services are designed to save you money, keep you compliant, and reduce your waste to landfill. We do this by specialising in sorting your waste and maximising your recycling.

We also know that responsible waste management is important to you and that being compliant with local legislation is part of your company’s strategy. That’s why, as part of our waste management services, we develop a full waste management plan for you that conforms to all South African legislations. We’re always up-to-date on the latest legislation and ensure that all the sites we manage are fully compliant.

Take the risk and stress out of waste management

Responsible waste management can have many benefits, including:

Saving you money
Ensuring you’re compliant, making sure your business is not at risk
Taking the stress of your company’s waste management responsibilities off your shoulders

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