About Us

The WastePlan Promise

WastePlan helps companies profit from their waste while improving their ESG sustainability score and reducing their landfill footprint. We have a track record of successful zero-waste-to-landfill clients.

Your path to a sustainable future. Partner with us, a company deeply committed to the environment, the community, and the economy. Together, let’s build a brighter, cleaner, and more prosperous world.

  • Minimise Waste to landfill – Get as close to 100% landfill diversion as possible
  • Data Transparency – Full access to your own online reporting platform
  • Profit sharing – (Rebates)
  • Trustworthiness – partnership
  • Innovation and thought leadership
  • Community Upliftment

Recycling profit model

The recycling profit model aims to create value from waste materials by converting them into new products (and additional income). This not only reduces the amount of waste (and its cost) that ends up in landfills but also generates revenue through the sale of recycled products.

At our company, we strongly believe in the recycling profit model. By investing in sustainable waste management practices and technologies, we can reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and create financial value from our waste materials, and share this value with our customers through a transparent rebate model. Not only is this approach better for the environment, but it also generates a steady stream of revenue for our business and our customers.

2022 National Sustainability Stats

National Recycling rate more than 89%

Litres of water saved
Trees saved
kWh of energy saved
Barrels of oil saved
CO2 emissions saved
m3 Landfill volume saved

Our purpose is to uplift lives by turning waste into opportunities.

We’re uplifting people’s lives while impacting our planet’s longevity through waste management. The fruit of our efforts is reinvested in eradicating poverty through education. We give hope for a better future by breaking the mindset of poverty.


Our values are chosen to create a healthy workplace and family, as well as to contribute to our high-performance culture in all areas of work and life.


At Wasteplan we serve with humility, just like water always flows to the lowest point, learning, adapting, including, and bringing life to everyone around us.


At WastePlan we understand that life is unfair and that is fair. In season a tree will give fruit and shade to everyone and out of season to no one.


At WastePlan integrity means we are as reliable and dependable as a mountain. We are rock-solid in word and deed.


At WastePlan respect is given not earned. Just like the Sun shines on all of God’s creation regardless of performance or status, we honour each other unconditionally with our words and actions.


At WastePlan we do family like a pride of Lions, we stand together, fight together and hunt together. Together we are stronger, always giving our best for the pride.

Meet our amazing team

Sales & CRM Team members

At WastePlan we look for creative, innovative, and result-driven people, and we promote values such as leadership and putting our customers first.

Sales & CRM Gauteng

Joanne Brunette

National Sales Manager

Miné Koekemoer

New Business

Natasha Ferreira


Chantal Dessington

Key Accounts Manager

Desiree Enslin

Client Relations Manager

Sales & CRM Western Cape

Milandre de Weerdt

Sales Manager Western Cape

Ruan Jordaan

Sales Western Cape

Aneke Disney

Sales Western Cape

Sales & CRM KZN

Herman Steenkamp

Sales KZN

Rosanne Griffin

Sales KZN

Sheryl Ramnarain

Client Relations Manager KZN


WastePlan is largely owned by Nika Capital, a non-profit company focussed on eradicating socio-economic inequality, (including it’s after effects) by channeling funds towards education to those in need.

Supplemented by genuine generosity, Nika acts as both a pioneer and a channel through which companies can form part of and attribute to the betterment of our local society.

Functioning similarly as a trust, Nika is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) affording “black shareholding ownership” to companies who contribute towards it’s capital portfolio and scheme. To learn more about Nika Capital, click here.

ISO Certified

As of 1 June 2019 South Africa’s Carbon Tax Bill rolled out and re-ordered the nation’s business. We’ve compiled a eBook with all the latest.