Health and Safety

Our company principle for SHEQ is considering our employees as a critical component of our sustainable business practises. As such, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment that aims to eliminate injuries and improve health at work and at any other place impacted by our operations. We comply with all relevant national and international laws, regulation and practices. We aim for a 0% serious injury frequency rate.

Workplace Wellness Programme

We are committed to the health and wellness of our employees through our Workplace Wellness Program (WWP). Our WWP is part of our company strategy and aims to create sustainable wellness awareness in our employees. We believe that “the well being of the employee, influences the well being of the company” and by association extends to our stakeholders. We have in place a Workplace Wellness Program Policy.

SHEQ Policy – Commitment to Ethical, Sustainable Business Practice – “People, Planet, Profit”.

Change the way you think about waste

2022 National Sustainability Stats

National Recycling rate more than 89%

Litres of water saved
Trees saved
kWh of energy saved
Barrels of oil saved
CO2 emissions saved
m3 Landfill volume saved