Waste Management – Industries



The events industry faces challenges in managing large volumes of diverse waste, including single-use items and food waste. Encouraging recycling, reducing single-use plastics, and collaborating with local waste management companies are essential strategies. Public awareness campaigns, partnerships with local authorities, and innovative technologies can help improve waste management practices.


In the events industry, effective waste management is crucial for environmental sustainability. One key solution involves reducing single-use items by promoting the use of reusable or compostable alternatives, thereby minimising plastic waste. Setting up well-labeled recycling stations throughout the event space encourages attendees to segregate their waste responsibly. Public awareness campaigns play a significant role, educating attendees about proper waste disposal methods and the importance of recycling. Collaborating with local waste management companies ensures that diverse waste streams are handled efficiently. Embracing innovative technologies, such as waste-to-energy solutions and smart applications, further enhances waste management practices, making events more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

National Sustainability Stats

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Litres of water saved
Trees saved
kWh of energy saved
Barrels of oil saved
CO2 emissions saved
m3 Landfill volume saved