Wasteplan waste management and recycling

What is the difference between waste reduction and waste disposal?

Waste used to be an out of sight out of mind issue. Waste was just disposed or dumped and never given another thought. Many organisations were satisfied with simply establishing a system for removing trash with little thought for the long term consequences. Until recently, you might not have paid much attention to the waste your company produces at all.

Increasingly, greater attention is being paid to waste management, and proactive organisations are seeing the benefits of establishing a waste reduction program. This is due to the increased awareness of the environmental impact of landfilling, together with the rising cost of waste disposal.

What are the alternatives to waste disposal?  

WastePlan’s mission is to take all the recyclables out of the waste and thereby reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.  We take what was considered trash and turn it into a saleable commodity.   

There is a big difference in terms of cost between waste disposal and waste reduction.  The cost to dispose of waste to landfill has increased drastically and as landfill space becomes scarcer this cost is set to continue escalating.  Waste disposal transporters make money through transporting waste and throwing waste away.

At WastePlan we don’t make money from throwing things away!

What are some of the benefits of waste reduction through recycling?

WastePlan waste management and recycling

  • Save Money
    Increasing recycling can cut your disposal costs and improve your bottom line.  WastePlan partners with you to ensure that you minimise your waste – aligning with your financial interests to ensure that you get the optimum rebates for your recyclables.
  • Make Money
    You get paid a rebate for your recyclables. WastePlan takes ‘trash’ and turns it into a saleable commodity.
  • Knowledge is power
    By understanding the amount and types of waste your organisation produces, you’re better positioned to find ways to reduce costs and negotiate for waste and recycling services that actually fit your needs. WastePlan offers an on-site solution whereby record is kept of all waste and recyclables on a site.
  • Streamline reporting and information sharing
    Tracking your waste management activities in one platform. WastePlan has an on-line reporting system whereby all different streams are reported on.
  • Enhance sustainability 
    Managing waste, water, and energy more efficiently are core components of sustainability. Improving your organisation’s sustainability can boost your corporate image and positively engage employees.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    Waste prevention and recycling offer significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Conserve resources
    Re-use and recycling conserves natural resources including trees, metals and water.  WastePlan can provide you with a sustainability report showing how your efforts have affected the environment.

Most waste companies get rewarded for transporting and dumping your waste while we get rewarded for reducing it. In fact, it’s part of our business model. The more we recycle and divert from landfill the more money we make and the more money you save.

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